● Powerful, mobile air-cleaning unit developed for schools, kindergartens,
waiting rooms, government offices, care facilities, gyms, clubs, restaurants, etc.
● High-performance fans with adjustable airflow to suit the size of the room
● Pre-filter for separating out dust and lint
● Main HEPA H14 filter (99.995 % separation rate) including viruses and bacteria
● Electrical partitioning is integrated in the intake area of the ventilation grate.
This prevents outward diffusion when the unit is switched off.
● Antibacterial & antiviral coatings on the interior walls of the filter area neutralize
up to 99.997 % of the viruses and bacteria, with no difficult cleaning required
● CO2 sensor with display of the current level
● Volumetric flow rate monitoring – Message on the display when the main filter
is saturated
● Display and recall of all important data via the touch screen

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