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Well-thought-out concepts, creative constructions and made-to-measure filter solutions: With our fluid-technical systems and products, we increase the performance of your processes.

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Highly productive fluid systems

With extensive experience and expertise, Innofluid designs and builds fluid-technical systems for the metalworking industry. Wherever coolants and lubricants are filtered, well-thought-out full systems are used – efficiently and economically.

In-depth analyses and perfected constructions of complex hydraulic and pneumatic systems are the hallmark of the Swabian inventors.

From the selection of the right material through sound system calculation to process optimization, we make a contribution to the productivity and sustainability of your company.


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Pre-assembly & delivery


sophisticated filter systems

With decades of experience in the fluid technology and filtration sector, our creative design engineers find the perfect solution for virtually every requirement. We analyze, provide advice, plan and build filter systems for the metalworking industry. Together with our customers, we develop special applications and optimize existing systems to ensure efficient operation – both in the connection between the processing centers and on fluid-technical systems and at other process interfaces in production.

We provide expert support to help you combat your challenges.

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Creative solutions

Customize - overview


Customize - sample "Suction"


Customize - sample "Bandfilter"


Customize - sample "Fine dirt extractorto vertical tank"


Customize - sample "Shallow tank 600 l"


Customize - sample "Deep tank 600 l"


Customize - sample "Mobile filter system"


Customize - sample "Return pump station, horizontal"


Customize - sample "Return pump station, vertical"


Customize - sample "Chip conveyor"


Customize - sample "Twin filter"


Customize - sample "Piping, close-up"


Customize - sample "Central coolant"



Made-to-measure consumables

As a supplier of fluid-technical products, we produce and deliver filter nonwovens, filter elements and filter pads designed to suit the exact purpose the customer has in mind. Depending on the required performance and the purpose, we select the appropriate filter quality and the right material, and also calculate the necessary flow of the coolants and lubricants for the filtration process.

Filter nonwovens

Based on the situation analysis, we select the appropriate Innofluid quality nonwovens depending on the application area and the required filtration quality. Our products are used in working processes such as milling, grinding, honing and turning for filtering suspended solids from liquids in precise machining. This helps us to create high process security, reduce downtimes for machines and enable flexible adjustment when changing materials.

The high-grade Innofluid nonwovens feature the necessary coolant and lubricant purity as well as a compelling price/performance ratio.

Needle-punched nonwovens


Grammaturen:40 - 200g/m²
Rollenlänge:50 - 150m
Rollenbreite:300 - 2000mm
Verfestigung:mechanisch / thermisch verfestigt

Viscose nonwovens


Grammaturen:20 - 60g/m²
Rollenbreite:300 - 2000mm
Verfestigung:binder- verfestigt

Spunbonded nonwovens, embossed


Grammaturen:20-100 g/m²
Rollenlänge:50 - 250m
Rollenbreite:300 - 2000mm
Verfestigung:thermisch verfestigt



Rollenbreite:300 - 2000mm
Verfestigung:thermisch verfestigt

Fluid filtration & filter elements

The high-performance filter systems from Innofluid protect sensitive machine components such as valves, regulators and working cylinders as well as any tools used. This means the filter elements used increase the reliability and cost effectiveness of hydraulic and lubricating systems. The fluid cycle remains free of contamination and the necessary purity of the fluids can be guaranteed.

We would be happy to advise you and also select exactly the right filter systems to suit your requirements.

Suction filters

suction filter

Reverse-flow filters & reverse-flow suction filters

Reverse-flow filters & reverse-flow suction filters

Pressure- and high-pressure filters


Filling and air filters


Filter pads & various filters

Innofluid supplies filter pads with a progressive density design made of elastic, shatter-resistant polyolefin fibers with thermal fiber bonding. Different fiber diameters and successive fiber layers with varying density ensure optimal filter performance. The increased dust storage capacity extends the gaps between services and ensures a longer life cycle for the filters. The first-class filters feature high material strength and can thus guarantee good dimensional stability for consistently clean and cool air where they are used.

We supply the perfect filter pads for electric control cabinets, air-conditioning systems, motors and extraction systems as rolled goods or as cuts in the qualities G2, G3 and G4.

Filter pads are the simplest form of deep bed filters. They are usually used as exact-fitting coarse dust pads to max. filter grade M5. With varying fiber blends, finishes and nonwoven laminations, which can be cut according to requirements, they ensure individual solutions for special applications.Although acquisition costs are low, both the operation and maintenance of filter pads can often be more costly. Innofluid filter pads are primarily used in air-conditioning and ventilation systemsas well as in electric control cabinets and as preliminary filters of incoming air in compressors.

The filter pads are available in all required dimensions and are cut to size.
We also supply the corresponding filter bags, filters for suspended particles and filter cartridges.

Filter Pads


Filter bags


Filter for suspended particles


Filter cartridge


Authorized Mahle dealer

Als Mahle-Stützpunkthändler bieten wir hochwertige Filtersysteme aus dem Fluidtechnik-Programm des Weltmarktführers. Mit kompetenter Beratung und kurzen Lieferzeiten versorgen wir Sie mit den auf Ihre Bedürfnisse optimal abgestimmten Filterkomponenten.

Stabile und differenzdruckfeste MAHLE Filterelemente mit hoher Schmutzaufnahmekapazität sorgen für einen störungsfreien, wirtschaftlichen Betrieb: stets genau abgestimmt auf die geforderte Reinheitsklasse, die Druckverhältnisse und die Beschaffenheit des Mediums. Mit ihrem hohen Qualitätsstandard sichern sie Funktion und Lebensdauer wichtiger Hydraulikkomponenten. Alternativvarianten für nahezu alle Filterfabrikate sowie Filterelemente für aggressive Flüssigkeiten, Kühlschmierstoffe und wässrige Medien ergänzen unser umfangreiches Programm an Standard- und DIN-Ausführungen.
Gerne bieten wir Ihnen die passenden Elemente an.

Produkte aus dem Mahle-Filterkatalog für Filtration in Hydraulik- und Schmierölkreisläufen


Life Cycle Support

With our smart fluid management, we ensure the optimal operation and value retention of your machines. We draft requirements-oriented maintenance and upkeep plans. This helps us reduce process duration and downtimes while increasing process security. Our efficient spare part control and direct dispatch system “just in time” facilitate low storage costs and guarantee smooth operations. Consumables are individually coordinated with and manufactured for the particular production processes.

Furthermore, we offer your employees comprehensive training sessions covering the entire fluid sector to ensure further optimization of the production processes.

Maintenance/upkeep planning
System optimization
Requirements analysis: consumables


we keep your process running

INNOFLUID GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative medium-sized company based in Gingen an der Fils, Germany. Since 2006, the fluid technology specialist has been constructing and producing filter systems for the metalworking industry. As a solution provider, INNOFLUID offers individually developed installations and filter systems. With in-depth analyses and well-thought-out concepts, the experts from the Swabian think tank come up with creative solutions for a whole range of requirements. For that purpose, the dynamically growing company manufactures and sells made-to-measure consumables such as filter nonwovens, filter elements and filter pads for processes in precise machining.

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